Bruce Vilanch has long been a great friend and mentor of mine.  You see, my dad was a key grip on “Hollywood Squares” in the mid ’80s.  I used to accompany him to the set a few times a week when my mom was working as a camera operator on “My Two Dads” and couldn’t look after me.  I would look forward to those days with great anticipation.  I would spend hours backstage eating chocolate and Jimmy Dean’s sausages with Bruce, listening to him and Jim J. Bullock crack wise about one thing or another, hoping that some day I could breath their rarefied air.

Bruce and I still keep in touch to this very day, meeting for drinks when I am in LA, and always exchanging hilarious tee shirts.  I’m wearing one right now.  It says “You’re The Reason I’m Medicated.”  Major LOLs!  I think the real reason that Bruce and I have kept in touch after all these years is a shared love of music and the fact that he is one funny bitch.

Bruce was way into the college radio scene of the late 80s and he exposed that love to me very early on.  Without Bruce I would have never listened to REM or The Replacements. Bruce has always been a huge indie rock and power pop fan too.  His love rubbed off on me, and nary a day goes by when I don’t stop and think of what an impact his taste has had on my music collection.  I thought today I would honor Bruce by posting a playlist of songs he loves.  So, hats off to you Bruce.  And thanks for dinner at Dantanna’s last week!



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