It’s a bit of a buzz kill, almost bittersweet, to think one of my favorite eateries (pinpoint the one who helped fashion the taxidermy, F. Scott boys club trend) which spawned the small empire, including Freemans Sporting Club is now responsible for heading West over to Bleeker Street where the old indie bookstores are quickly being squeezed out by Marc Jacobs and co. (including his $30 rainboots and condoms) and where Ralph Lauren and his Purple Label Crew along with the rugby shirts, flannels, and obligatory canvas sneakers, PF Flyers, line the row.

Included in the F.S.C apparel description, From the Racked archive mentions ” a curated selection of sporting and camping gear and utilitarian dry goods.” As if these $200 plus shoppers are actually camping.  Tiff…tiff. Stick to your robust coffee and manicured beards…please.

More seer (suckers) and taxidermy in sneakers;  didn’t they get the memo Jack Spade is running the show at J Crew...we already have the Ludlow and Bowery pant suit.  New York downtown is getting too bloody organized.  Or perhaps too fickle.  It’s too long-haired LES types who dumped their trendy grunge garb and trucker hats for a 3-piece suit or stranger yet a toggle button coat. Ahhh…how it must appeal to their lumberjack trademark.  Rugged coffee drinkers out of Stanley mugs. Perhaps, it’s like playing dress up, a bit like theatre. Oh well, at least it’s Spring.

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