Behold Kenmare, Waverly (well, nevermind your chef is John DeLucie), Freemans, Minetta; you all know who you are.  There’s a new kid in town…the Lion in Greenwich Village which W Editors have already touted as the next hot spot.  What I like about this is the decor (not too clubby, don’t count much taxidermy) and I’m down with the pop art a la Warhol.  Ditto the high ceilings.  The New York Times: “In the 1960s, the Lion was a popular hangout in Greenwich Village where Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand performed. Eventually the town house space, with its soaring ceiling and domed skylight, became Village, a local bistro.” Cool, more flea market art look overly-produced clubby pub.

In lieu of the West Village eats and drinks, er…shakeups, RIP (x many thousands) to the Beatrice and the other attitude packed joints in the hood; the Lion should sleep tonight.  Just serve up good fare and be cool to the neighbors. Or as the ever-mannerly,  Guest of a Guest recommends “it might be best for The Lion to come in like a lamb.”