Quite sadly, Lyell, a fantastic place for clothes is going away. Living on Spring Street, I often hopped over and picked up a few enchantingly cool items.  Not to mention, I scored one of Emma Fletcher’s own vintage red Hawaiian shirts in a $5 box –to which I still wear seasonally.  Urban Outfitters put together a cool list of Emma’s favorite things. One day, I hope Emma rejuvenates her chill, inspiring-boho line down the road. In the meantime, Farewell, sweet Lyell.  Lucky the girl who visits the sale but hey, you can still purchase her duds (a line entitled Fletcher by Lyell) at the Urban.

Lyell 173 Elizabeth St, New York, NY


From the Lyell site:

So after seven years and with a lease that is running out,
I have decided to say goodbye for now. Lyell is my heart and soul. I couldn’t have come as far as I have come with out all the loyal support that I’ve received over the years. However, it is time now to take break.

As of today we are starting our closeout sale with all styles now
40-60% off. This includes new styles that have just arrived and even more coming over the next couple weeks. The sale will continue until we run out of stock over the next month.