If you haven’t stepped through the golden gates of Kenmare, the red rope high falutin” (yes, the food is supposed to be good…wait! It better be good!) spot from our good pal, Paul Sev, you are in luck.  Our other good pal, Ollie is letting us peek through his lens at the uber-affected, smug star-spangled banner crowd.  Just what was Paul munching on?  And, oh, how gold level chic the girl with the Coke and straw looks (as she glances stage left).

The Year of the Tiger is already disastrous on national levels but not for this little strip of Kenmare and those lucky be a top the mountain of elixirs, toxins and tonics (t’s always sound good in twos).  Don’t miss Ollie’s Purple Diary homage to his favorite homeboy and subsequent homeboy’s hotspot, Kenmare.

Nah, nothing else is going on in the world right now.  But a world of bland black and white looms large at the Purple Diary. It’s strictly an interior AE1 job.  Nice, Ollie, nice.  We thank you for letting us peer into a world only a select few are privy too.  Tight jeans, aviators, nice vodka, bathroom situations, and beef sliders.  Don’t try it at home unless you think you’re that cool. And, if you are that cool, good for you.

(images via the Purple Diary).