A most unholy horror movie of Creepy Chic or Just Plain Creepy with these two foeheads at the helm.  Perhaps it was staged this way for affect if not…reaction.  Think about it,  both these tight jeans know their capabilities. 

Still, one might quickly skim through the offender pages.  Think about it.  Terry, Ollie.  Ollie, Terry.  Who would you run from first?  Given to fly. Yes, pray to fly if you run into these homies in a darkened ally. Can you imagine Terry chasing you through winding rat-filled corridors?  Even Vice couldn’t imagine such a scenario.  Makes my skin crawl.  Lights out in a wax museum. 

Perhaps separated by birth, these two whackles have joined together to scare the world and the world is scared back.  Take our Lolita arse grabbing Terry R (porn stash and Happiness glasses included) and the equally horrifying slanted aviator man, Ollie D. 

A Friday chill down my spine, seeing Terry labelled as a Bowery Boy.  My pepper spray is ready to go. -Kitty Bawler.

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(images: Purple Diary)

Kitty Bawler is back…finally. After a five-year stint of silence, the hip have once again spoken. Having been around the block, she’s studied the trends and inner-workings of all the uber-pretentious, black labeled culture of the downtown New York crowd.  She’s cynical and a bit jaded. She detests aviators.