I’ve always had affinity for Crosby Street, a quiet little cobbletsone street which still sweeps away tourists (less those who hit the Crosby Street Hotel). Perhaps, it still feels like an old New York.  I love it’s various shops a la MZ Wallace (my given), Housing Works Bookstore, MoMA Design Store, and south down the street to places such as  the backdoor to Bloomingdale’s, N33, the Vespa SOHO branch and the gallery, Dutescoart Gallery, which houses the horses and that surfboard.

Crosby, a street with great private residences, an industrial feel and good news, graffati.  The New York Times drew up a nice article on Crosby Street here. “Not so long ago, Crosby was little more than a supply street to the big buildings on Broadway (shoppers don’t seem to notice that there’s an alternate entrance to Bloomingdale’s on Crosby that’s much more low-key than the main doors on Broadway), and in fact, the street’s backdoor status may have served to protect it.”