I’m happy for all of these cool skinny or cool hip people on bicycles.  But…let’s be honest the trend not only in photos but recent ads are putting on the heavy, a bit too heavy.  PS: I love, love UNIS but this series is just not working for me.  And, who doesn’t love checking out all the cool people on The Satorialist on their bikes.  This also includes but not limited to those 1) fixing their bikes 20 leaning on their bikes 3) their bike sitting in very close proximity.

It’s as if the trendy-trendies are driving around on their bikes (specific if not catered to their look), wardrobe changes in all, in hopes to be the next colorful ad for J Crew. Related posts on the trend topic: Tapped Trends and The Over-Glamorization of Taxidermy. (image one: Unis. image two/three: The Satorialist)