Reading between the lines.  Always tough but necessary, especially when it comes to the Paul Sev show.

What does it all really mean?  Off the heels of the recent Eater Gatekeeper piece (Kenmare’s Juan Skinner on Bribes, Two Hours Waits , Celebs)on what it really takes to get into Kenmare… Kitty Bawler weighs in on the Q&A before mentioning how much she loves this picture of this gents trifecta.

Juan Skinner, Assistant GM:  Most people think that Paul and Nur just want to have an extension of a club, but they want more of a neighborhood restaurant. They want people to come here and feel comfortable and enjoy themselves and the atmosphere.

Kitty Bawler:  Remains to be unseen.

Any favorite customers so far? Fran from the neighborhood, she’s really funny. She’s been in the neighborhood for ages and she always pops in. Celebrities? Oh yeah, we get our fair share of those. I don’t want to name names. Let’s just say the place can be full of celebrities every night.

Kitty Bawler: Bull crap.  The place is “celebrity” heavy on Purple Diary and Terry Richardson types not to mention those hoping for a glimpse of Chloe and her posse of fashion heads.

When VIPs walk in, is there a scramble to accommodate them? There’s always a sense of urgency but the thing is if you still don’t have a table, the best thing to do is to make them as comfortable as possible until something opens up. You can always have a drink at the bar or downstairs. You can always finagle something. Do you get a lot of “do you know who I am?” Actually no, which is really surprising.

Kitty Bawler:  Most of those who shimmy through the red rope doors aren’t actually known unless in circles via the Bowery and fashion types thus “Do you know who I am” doesn’t really work in this scenario, does it? *This isn’t applicable for the Mick Jagger sighting, on the contrary.

What’s up with the downstairs lounge? Some people are saying that is what makes this place the “new Beatrice Inn.” Not really. It’s just an extension of the restaurant where people can have drinks before dinner, after dinner.

Kitty Bawler: More personal peccadilloes and other pre-dinner pleasantries downstairs a la the Beatrice Daze.  Hope the fire company stamped it with their seal of approval…good exit strategy in case of emergency?  What if you light your smoke; proper ventilation?

You’re a veteran of the NY nightlife scene, how do you think things have changed in NYC in the past decade or so? I think people used to be more anonymous. In a given night you would see famous people partying with everyone else. Now everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.

Kitty Bawler: Ahhh…15 minutes.  Novel idea.  You really think famous people want to party with the common man and the common man wants to party with the famous.  Noooo….really?

THIS JUST IN VIA THE VILLAGE VOICE…a bona fide REVIEW of the joint. A small inkling lifted from this most special piece “Though my date and I made reservations days in advance on our first visit, we were stuck with a 6 p.m. time slot, suggesting that Kenmare was already wildly popular. We weren’t the only ones early-birded: Soon after we sat down, the greeter ushered in Jay Cheshes of Time Out and, later, Sam Sifton of the Times. The service had been exceedingly slow, but it improved markedly once Sifton—dressed like an undertaker in a somber charcoal-gray suit with skinny lapels—was seated. For the next hour or so, critics and their cohorts were nearly the only diners in the room.”


Kitty Bawler testifies!