Listen, seriously…there is a mass style file growing out of Montauk like a weed.  It’s not controlled and dangerous, much like the monster that washed ashore or something you might expect to find around Plum Island. This summer if you’re gunning for a freak show of posuers, hit up Montauk.  These days monsters roam the surf and PR blondes catch their first tube. Don’t drag your feet sister, you’ll be fish food. They have lots of money.  Their equipment is trendy–take your long board elsewhere, buddy.   You won’t find any savages or radicals here. It’s all about the next of the next.  And, nobody goes quietly.

Even Peter Beard seemed horrified in a New York Magazine piece (2003) quote: “Montauk used to have what you call rural integrity,” he (Beard) says, “but now it’s under the hand of East Hampton, which is like Palm Beach or New York. It’s a loser’s game.”


Dear Montauk Surfer:
Take your board to California, or perhaps, Hawaii where the real sharks swim. Paddle out (committment enough). Wait for your set. See if you and Warchild can share a wave. Watch out for Bunker. Don’t crowd up and shhhh…don’t mention you surf Ditch Plains.  You know who you are..  Yep, the early millenium is LONG GONE! Look… the oceans are upset (read: polluted and over-crowed) enough. Now you spawn and spawn. We continue to wash ashore monsters.  I know you’re okay with that.

Via con Dios!

A bit of the Montauk old school. Snaps circa 2002 (read: zero lights on at the Surf Shack).

Kitty Bawler is back…finally.