Right and left my friends.

Sure, it looks good albiet tapped out because everyone is doing it.  And, apparently it’s not the greenest of efforts via the New York Times really drills it home.  The Standard is tin roof busted as is Tom Colicchio’s Craft (to his credit, it’s safe to say he was at the helm of the trend).

Not the Spotted Pig group notes the Times :

Ken Friedman, an owner of nostalgic spots like the Spotted Pig and the Rusty Knot, called the look “played out.” In a planning session last year for the Breslin, his latest take on the British gastropub, he declared, “No exposed bulbs!” 

and the article goes on to mention: 

If you want to conjure up an old-time feel, he said, “just light real candles, you know?

“They’re really cheap, they use way less of New York’s energy than a light bulb. A little candle on a table — there’s nothing more old school than that.”

I Loved New York’s old piece on the trendy Tapped Trends.

(image: Josh Bright/NYT)