While I’ve been a fan of Keith McNally’s for over a decade, I must vent my confusion at his new Pulino’s venture.  Yes, it looks and feels like a staple McNally that only he has down to a science.   The subway tile and florescent lighting. Yet, the personality is wearing off a bit or perhaps it’s become too familiar.  Overly-so.  It feels like once you’ve been into one, the magic of the place before is gone.  Pulino’s feels more like Schillers, ditto the lighting concept and the booze bottles organized in a sporadic fashion. A great little blog, I Dream of Pizza writes up their grade

Most confusing to me where the outside patrons sitting along the Bowery, steam rolling off the asphalt, the concrete smelling rancid, perhaps they’re dreaming up a visit to Whole Foods.  Do they remember when Cafe Colonial was just a few doors away, now closed.  Or that corner was restaurant supply row.  Where were you in 1995? 

I’m just saying, it’s a bit tapped out.  Not to mention, as I was sitting eating a cracker-thin, $18 Margarita pizza with a  $12 beet salad, why wasn’t I sitting at Lombardis with a pie and a Peroni?