But its breaking my heart, especially from the lack of energy off the streets and the artists having left years ago, flocking to outer burroughs and new places to generate income and/or live in a quasi-respectable fashion.  I think I get it now.

This John Lennon/Yoko piece feels fairly apropos.  The give peace a chance is insanely commercial and yes, “Art is Over…here” which currently hangs in the Meatpacking District where every big business booms (Apple, Design Within Reach, Vitra, Vince, Theory, Scoop Street, Anthropologie, Stella McCartney, Jeffrey, Bumble + Bumble) add to the pricey meal tabs in the radius (Pastsis, sushi at the Gansevoort, Dos Caminos, Spice Market, Old Homestead).  The hotels alone deserve their own zip code. Granted I’m a fan of (some) of those places but the radius is packed tightly, wound-up, like a mall without a pulse.

In the summer, the streets still smell and you see the occasional rat kicking around, but the art and rawness of the place is long, long gone like the carcass which once filled the meat packing house.  It too, a dying breed.

(image: K Donnelly)