Since 2006, Lost City has written and reported on the changes of the city.  The site now says goodbye in a well-composed, all-to-true letter.  Embedded:  It is still inconceivable to me that New York could have (and elect, and “elect”) a mayor who witnessed the extinction of such irreplaceable city landmarks—Chumley’s, Gino, Gage & Tollner, Cafe Des Artistes, Manny’s, Astroland, The Green Church, Cedar Tavern, Gertel’s Bakery, CBGB’s, Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium and countless other institutions—and never uttered a peep. No comment, no stump speech, no recognition of what was passing into history on his watch. Not even lip service. He stood by and watched Coney Island, one of the most iconic neighborhoods in New York, utterly destroyed. He never saw the value of what was vanishing.

I’m proud of Lost City. As a writer, it’s the purest and most idealistic thing I’ve ever done. It may not have saved a single building, or prevented a single piece of luxury crapitecture. But I know it occasionally caused discomfort to the powers that be, and that it alerted some readers to a few of the City’s treasures. For that alone, it was worth it.

Thank you for opening our eyes, Lost City.