It’s sure to make a mother proud.  The many, many faces and wardrobe changes. From early DJ life to A.R.E life to biker gloves to shirtless, smug, look at me, I’m so cool, to explosive chic suit Kenmare man.  Damn, that’s quite a metamorphosis baby.  Wait til your married off.  New York ladies will cry that day.

In the meantime, pimp that ride big daddy.  From a young man learning to tie his shoes to the dapper front of house dresser you’ve become.

Kitty Bawler isn’t scared. Make sure to re-read, Who Me?, Portrait of a DJ as a Young Man,  One Final Sendoff, When the Cool Class Isn’t That Cool Anymore, Smoking in the Boys Room, The New Max’s Kansas City…I Think NOTDrum Roll, The Hipster of the Decade!)