Another trend taps, taps, taps its way slowly out.  The over-trendification of the pig as decor.  Take the image (see photo) of the-just-deceased light pink piglet draped gently over a chef’s neck. Or the chef, usually heavily tattooed, holding the live pig.  Ah, how cute, the chef loves his pig and will now prepare your meal.  The buck doesn’t stop here.  The pig on matchbooks, signage and just makes the chef look overly cool.  And, of course the pig on the table, the feast, Grubstreet writes a little jammie here. You aren’t a butcher chef ; you are just looking cool (almost kind) in a photo-op. And, in turn, the Spotted Pig (love it) has spun the over-gentrification of gastropubs or places which hand themselves a title of gastropub.  Recall the meaning: “gastropubn. Brit. A public house which specializes in serving high-quality food.”

(Image: Ryan Keen, chef)