After my posting related to the chef and swine, a wise friend recalled the cupcake trend.  Yes, it’s true, cupcakes are popping up on the radar at alarming speed.  It’s fair to say the original gangster in the cupcake crusade remains New York’s own Magnolia Bakery (it also helped SJP threw down outside the shop- a little pink icing with a sugar flower).  Then those tour buses invaded the once-quiet streets of the West Village (that grande tour is thankfully over (yes, the end of an era). Still, the boom continues with rich floury cupcakes and sweet icing swirled and decorated.  In grand out with the old, Magnolia has been replaced by Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea. Oh well, as long as the masses get their cupcakes. Now, cupcake locations have popped up all over the states; wooing girls and their grandmothers in along with the sugar happy rush.  I see a big cupcake on the Empire State Building soon.

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