Okay, I get it.  Chefs, tattoos.  Works.  Make sense.  Bad ass y bad ass.  BUT, now it’s jailhouse style.  Did  you serve time?  If you did…legit. The tattoo craze where chefs rock out full sleeves is in full effect. Does it gives them further street cred?  Look at me; look at my tats.  Zagat talks to Nate Appleman (Pulino’s chef) about his tats.   It’s as if the chef is too badass (read: unapproachable) cool, hip, to confront.  I dunno. You aren’t a rock star, bru.  You are a chef.  You cook.  You aren’t a pirate.  You grill.

Ahh….F()* it; express yourself.  Go ahead.  Just don’t overdo it.

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