Duane Reade; New York’s “Friendly” Pharmacy is coming to Spring Street.  Not only is it landing in a historical building–originally a bank designed in 1924 by Cass Gilbert–it’s taken over a neighborhood front which has managed to fend off much of the Broadway flagships.  Until now. The deal is for roughly 12,000 square feet after a failed jean company, Parasuco Jeans left the space.

A DR executive spoke (to Rew Online“They’re absolutely committed to shedding their old frumpy image and showing that they’re the sexiest, hippest, greatest drug store around,” the source said. “Yet they’ve always called themselves New York’s drug store and this space is so ironically New York and classic downtown.”

Oh well, at least John Mayer has a place to score his condoms.  Or wash down your pain killers with a cold frosty Spring Lounge bar.

A friend on the streets mentions: they’re putting on the finishing touches and the shopping carts are unloaded, ready to roll. There goes the neighborhood again and again and again.

(Image:  Christina Dalle Pezze on the scene last week + today where the “Coming Soon” signage was already stripped down).

Spring Lounge: An Homage and Stepping Out On Spring Street Alone.