Ah, life is good for these two skinny things puffing their American Spirits and looking equally as siblings in their ragged vintage-designer white tees.  She’s working the Patti Smith eighties look and he’s pretty like a girl. Both are strategic if not obvious.  Oh well, chalk it up to youth. Glam punk rocking Nolita about twenty years too late.

Terry by Terry from Terrys Diary documents their utter inability to eat even as he captions the snap “Freja and Christian having lunch yesterday at Cafe Gitane.” Everyone knows Gitane is where the small, non-eating set goes to drink robust coffee and perhaps split a salad.  It’s a place to linger over fashion magazines, check your mobile and spot the next “Freja and Christian.”

If Purple Diary and Ollie weren’t actually working on art (they’ve been so poetic lately), I would have a better material but Terry seems to be working back the clock with such a modelista pairing that it’s hard to concentrate on anything but their waif-like beauty as if a Godard like haze.  Does any of this make sense?