Locale: American Sugar Refinery, Formerly Havemeyers & Elder Sugar Refinery (1869 ff); also called Domino Sugar Refinery.Kent Avenue, between South 5th and Grand Streets.

The 11 plus acres are making way (under bated breath) for the unveiling of the new 1500 + residents along the Williamsburg waterfront.  Construction commences in 2011 with the blueprints of the “New Domino” on view here.

Before and after/now and then.  What have you; there’s no stopping now.  The Waterfront Preservation Alliance of Williamsburg stamps its blessing, “Adant House and Power House are preserved as part of the redevelopment. We believe that a comprehensive preservation program, combined with high-quality new design and affordable housing will best serve the Williamsburg community.”

Would Brando’s Terry Malloy be cool with the project?