To think I felt an inkling of sadness for you as your lover ditched and ran for another man.  You “kissed” and said your goodbyes and now you are back…in white.  How alive you must feel.  So, no Paint It Black for you.  The girls dressed in their summer clothes are in your room.  And their clothes are off.

Yes, you are back with your slim wife beater, your Terry-like tats (tell me do you share the same artist?) and facing the upper west side of Manhattan (why don’t you look downtown at your admiring crowds?) Your American beauty must feel ever-so-exploited (perhaps not if a rental) by your August 3rd rendevous. The shower is fine, it’s the other snap with your American flag tat. You couldn’t help it, could you?  You had to exploit her for exploitation sake.  For one, you are a photographer. Your ex might hear or look or want to see your new ass.  And you have nothing to do but pick back up and carry on. You’re going to go on a real binger; I feel it.

Lucky, for you, New York grants you that pleasure.

Try not to take it for granted, Ollie.

My Love will laugh before the morning comes...”

(image: Purple Diary)

Kitty Bawler isn’t scared, promise.