A few things:

1) Besides the new(ish) cafe across the street, this Nic Fensom snap once again resembles the old, downtown New York I once knew. The clutter of usual suspects: yellow cab rushing by, two tagged postal boxes, telephone booth (a relic in itself), and bicycle leaned against Village Voice box, action on the street.  LIFE! What a rare collection of valuables.

2) The one streetbox to observe is that of Sneeze Magazine (@ Prince & Lafayette).  Although Nic reminds, “St. Marks Books is the best spot to get it (the magazine) in the city.”

3) To reiterate, chief creative and photographer Nic Fensom is the man behind-the-scenes churning out pages of Sneeze (it’s the new Vice, swear!) but with better, bolder visuals and oversized pages. It’s a reminder of what used to be might still be; if you look in the right places.

4) Oh,  Nic agreed to share his rad desk, a sneak peek into the life on From Your Desks.

Consider this K8’s choice all week and month-long.