Life as a Model Pt. 2.

Boy, waifs.  Boy, man.

Terry never lets us down in his relentless pursuit of the hip and bone thin (I see Christian’s neckband) in his August 4th posting of Terry’s Diary.  We last saw Christian here in what looks to be the same wardrobe of ratty white tee.  Now, he’s donning a bandana and aviators quite unlike the low newsboy cap look recently recorded at Cafe Gitane.  Oh Christian, where are you going? Cafe Habana for a cafe?  Back to Gitane for tap water?  Terry probably has few to spot; hit him up for a new tee or perhaps some kicks. Nah, you’re probably a trustafari which I will discuss in great depth in part 3 of the model series.

(image: Terry’s Diary; above)