And why the hell didn’t I think of it?  Although those who stole it don’t know the real value.  It’s a relic gents. A mere relic. Still, it’s a brilliant piece of PR. Or perhaps a lifetime of pleasure knowing your treasure is priceless.

Eater posts the snap along with what is quite entertaining dialogue between a possible interrogator (or buyer) and the snatchers (or was he/she acting alone?) at Imaginary Socialite.  Stunning script follows:

Blocked Call: Now it does… but for a price, it can belong to anyone. Our network has both signs and our network has an email for them:

Imaginary Socialite: Wow. I don’t even want to know how you got it.

Blocked Call: A hot air balloon, a lock of MK Olsen’s hair, an underground circuit of Jack Siegel fans, a screwdriver from Duane Reade, a Matt Creed mixtape, and the fourth Misshape.

How perverse.

(Note to Paul: You really should have taken it down for your archives. Come’on!)