The pink facade of Sissy Accessories perched on the corner of Spring and Lafayette (yes, directly across the street from the battle Galactica that is Duane Reade) is closed for business. The shop carried luxury Italian goodies and although I cannot say I ever purchased anything, the place carried a history.  Which is now history. Toast.

I cannot wait to see what type of Rag and Bone enterprise throws up in this money space.  Double corner potential is key people! This off the heels of Label‘s moving sale about a hundred feet up the street.  Okay, kids, we have a real problem here, especially if a SoHo style Michael Kors boutique or again a wealthy indy brand heads over.

It’s hard to believe such a special, tight-knit neighborhood, much like that of West Village’s Bleecker Street has fallen like a stack of cards.  What do you have left? $3.00 Gatorades at DR (the new version of Heaven), $10 Heinekens at Delicatessen and a blank canvas by which new business is killing.

Thanks Downtown New York, seriously per my recent washing of the hands of Spring Street (I Hardly Knew Thee).

Image: the street savvy Christina Dalle Pezze.