Are swung open and waiting for your business. You hear me on the megaphone, Duane Reade (DR)  is open!  Go on; head over, load up! Gatorade, pricey Advil, toilet paper, Q-tips, pharmaceuticals.  They have it ALL.  Below: Views from the heavenly gold gates, looking East on the once beloved Spring Street.

Congrats! Downtown New York officially looks like any big city.

Didn’t they do a great job preserving the building? Love the font on the signage. Who does your work?
Oh well, as you well know, John Mayer resident above this fine, fine drug store is ready to load up on the $13.99 extra large KYNG condoms (man, who names these?)…should his ladies permit.  Just a hop, skip and jump away.

(Photos courtesy of Christina Dalle Pezze who risked life and limb albeit her street cred to procure the shots)