I wish no ill will on fallen restaurants but as the New York Times reports on the latest casuality Gansevoort 69, “After a year of trying to succeed (and to succeed Florent), this diner-style place has closed.”  I Loved New York already touched on the situation this time last year. And in the wake of other newbies like the Standard Grill and the ole’ standby Pastis; the place really didn’t have the shoes to fill.  Plus, breakfast isn’t as popular as it once was – sans my mother’s breakfast for dinner menu.

Per the owners via Eater: “We failed…People who go to the meatpacking district today want to wine and dine…They’re not interested in ham and eggs at a diner. I think the diner thing has to go.”

Yikes; and to add further insult to injury, the old 69 website is shut down with a loud message:

It remains to be seen what concept will enter the menagerie that is the meatpacking district.  My advice: re-concept the entire joint, maybe just a chill bar, but please keep the bar.  Please.

(photo NY Magazine)