Dear Terry, Dear Ollie:

On your holidays, it’s safe to assume you both 1) look at one another’s e-diaries 2) plan to be out of one another’s camera lenses at the same time 3) plan to be away from New York at the same time in August 4) take lots of bed shots to entice your voyeurs (Terry, at least you have a sense of humour) 5) booze, bed…your loves beyond your love, 6) trim your proper stashes and, 6) miss one another terribly.

Terry, say Ollie is making a bit more with the cash spree on the Sardinia trip, no? You seem to be a welcome look to the ex-con low life.  I like how you’re playing it. Big pectorals. Jailhouse tats.  Patriot on the run. Well-groomed in the shower as you scrape dead skin off your back.  LA, Vegas, Portland.  Industrial baby. You might even use nice lotion.  Hmmm….I might like you better.  Ollie, you want too desperately to be part of the American flag.  Relax, baby.  Relax.

Oh well, I really must be going. Don’t be gone too long as summer’s end fades away.  Fashion Week!  Don Hills re-lauch!

Thank you both for making me feel better about myself.

(Image 1: Purple Diary.  Image 2: Terry’s Diary)

Kitty Bawler isn’t particularly fond of digital diaries in a digital day.