Chef Jimmy Bradley (of Red Cat fame) via the New York Post: “Kenmare Street is a similar neighborhood to what Chelsea was when I built there,” says Bradley. “We’re excited about a new neighborhood that’s in a growth period. It sure beats the hell out of working in a neighborhood that’s in decline.” –J&S  Food Hall (the initials are after the chef and his partner)

Sweet dude.  Yes, a new neighborhood of more boutique hotels, red rope Paul Sev-like private (read: gen-ah-ric) clubs and gentrification out the yin yang.  A bevy of more hipsters who will line up like cattle.  Wait until the Chinese are booted out of Chinatown for another white-people vanilla speakeasy.    I remember my old pal saying TEN YEARS AGO (that’s a decade folks) that Kenmare would easily be home run. Perhaps someone listened or in fact narced his idea.