Is that of basement lounges.

And, doormen rule the world?  Again?

Let’s kick it off this way.  You know the history of the faded, colourful booze New York past.  All those hidden agendas.  The underground.  The really neat time in America. If you don’t, read the book Last Call, The Rise and Fall of Prohibition (for those of the “scene” still able to read).  The old speakeasy back in the old ass New York day (sorry, Paul you were still living with Mom in Connecticut…wait were you born yet?) giving way to places a la Double Happiness with the white brick walls and the warm glow of red and orange.  Yes, New York was still dirty and sketchy and fun. Don Hills was really dirty, sketchy and fun. Mott Street was still like the demilitarized zone. Don’t you remember?  Or were you still rocking Wall Street?

Doesn’t matter.  All the cool new scene on scene-ers and their money backers insist on slick interior and yes, food for the druggies, just in case the night doesn’t work out…you can always blame food poisoning.

Now you have Kenmare and the black box special Travertine‘s new lounge XIX (original title, no?) which could make Paul a shade less pale.  It might be the next Kenmare to the Don Hills.  It exhausts me to think of the possibility.  Yes, Kenmare is the block of cool.  The place where an ex-B/8 doorman can get top billing for his ex-Stephen Dorff types knocking on heavens door.  Now, all the basement space looks the same, generic red booths, white booths, clean, sprawling, pricey.  Nah-nah-ne-nah.  Why bother to report?  It’s super boring.  It’s putting me to sleep now.

Good night.

Kitty Bawler wants to open Kenmare at Disney Land.  Oh what fun.