and various shouts from the new and improved W Magazine (perhaps I’ll renew my prescription once again). Go ahead and read: L.E.S. Is More.  Great, nice exposure.  Don’t “they” and those critics know art was and has always been happening along the Bowery. And, just because some kids have the greenback to open their nice little storefronts doesn’t always mean it deserves recognition.

Really, because it’s in the glossy pages means more gentrification.  Let’s thank the Bowery Hotel, the Contemporary Museum and Keith McNally?  How fashionable. Why didn’t you cover the edgy Bowery Boys when they were still alive?  Personally, this piece feels five years too late.

Oh well, how nice of you to go below 14th street and give the highfalutina’s (I coined this word! a taste of the east side arty chic.