Two new eateries taking form (one open, one en route) via established restauranteurs below 14th Street. And, I’m not going to knock them.

1) Freemans Alley offspring, called Peels on the Bowery. Sure it’s going to be trendy but let us not forget Freemans put the Bowery on the culinary map. Come’on the food is good and you know the coffee (STUMPTOWN) is great.  Nice landscaping too; way to green it up. Dare I say it looks like a West Village storefront?

2) The “Franks” are shaping up the Old Hudson Cafe, as charming looking as it once was has been quite an eye sore. Eater reveals the scoop; the two bearded fellas of Frankies Spuntino who operate Frankies 17, Frankies 457, and Prime Meats have landed the coveted corner space.  We can only thank them, thus far.

(image one Guest of a Guest. image two: A Test of Will)