Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York posted a  great piece entitled Fran on NYC (a solid interview from Mr Bellers Neighborhood circa 2002).  What she says is true and even more true to this day as the wealthy daddy money kids flock in.

FL: As soon as you had a magazine called New York you had all these journalists who had to constantly write about New York. So eventually they would seek out things that they never could have come across on their own–like restaurants and places to go and ways of life–and start to write about them. And they turned these things upside down, so these things became open to the public, hence, boring and unauthentic. And eventually, the entire city became like that. There would be a club that no journalist in a million years would know about. Then one would find out about it, write about it, and ruin it. And then you’d go to another one and keep escaping these journalists. Then people starting opening clubs with an eye to being written about, so it was never a club you wanted to go to.

TB: New York has become one huge press release.

FL: That’s why New York is boring.

TB: Which is why you live here.

FL: I live here because when I got here it wasn’t boring.

TB: Do you long for the old days?

FL: Absolutely. I wouldn’t move here now. I used to work a little bit to pay my little rent. I used to drive a cab until the exact moment my rent was paid and then stop. I never wanted to have any extra money, if it meant having to have any extra work. Now there’s now way you can live in Manhattan and drive a cab. To move to Manhattan, you have to have a rich father. The kids who come here are either rich or are moving here to make money in business, which is a dull kind of kid anyway.

(image: Christopher Felver/CORBIS)