What’s newsworthy beyond Derek Jeter’s 20 million dollar Trump Tower pad on sale?

An interesting piece by Gawker (thanks, Stephanie) entitled Sociology Proves That Hipsters Hate Hipsters Most which concludes: “everyone hates “hipsters” even though they shop at Urban Outfitters, too.”

As Bill Murray might say, I’m getting confused with this whole good/bad thing.  A hipster is a hipster is a hipster. A=A=A.  So here is what I think, if you hit up Urban Outfitters you are in fact a consumer.  Does it make you a hipster?   Not necessarily. Most of their items (at least in the housewares section) falls into camp if playing on sheer nostalgia (I spotted a Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man piggy bank) and of course, the stoner paraphernalia and pill-popping gadgetry.  They certainly carry okay art books and when a sale hits you’re in luck (think an additional 50% off the already reduced).  This isn’t in defense of Urban Outfitters or hipsters.  It’s just a different way to look at things.  You don’t have to duck in the place…it’s good to see what the kids are up to these days.  Stay in touch with the new, new thing, or the old audience is going to die a quick death.

(photo: Gawker)