That is my new tee and K8’s choice for this gray Friday.  I’ve always loved the creepy comic book kiddy violence, pops of colour (especially red), and simple yet explicit attention to detail.

This is the work of VICTOR HAYDEN; missing in the field.

I last saw him (*maybe we should say…he was last spotted) in the basement of The Time is Always Now (this was Broome street, kids) working– almost like a prisoner– in a very small, cramped room under a stairwell with a dangling Edison light and his set of dripping paints.

He was an unusual fellow. Fascinatingly real.

In the X Files World; a true believer. Like the captain of a ship, he’s was an analog guy; not down with the modern world.  Can’t say I blame him.  You will note this was in 2002.  My sister (donning a space suit after Peter Tunney dressed her and pushed her down a large slide) and I were instantly fascinated by his re-telling of being abducted by a space ship; where a “wet, noodly-like figure” took him. We both wholeheartedly believed him. Charming fellow.

I count myself lucky to have a few of his magnets; a few are rather life-sized.

Victor; if you are out there; come out!

Come out, come out wherever you are!