Iggy, man, I get it.

You want to relive those CBGB years.  I know, you must.  It’s rock and roll; and that is what you and the Stooges perform.

But letting yourself in the company of the Yeah, Yeah (Who’s). And now, Paul has given you a haven, the “new” Don Hills and added hip things and fashion things from his sisters posse.  You perform for your Raybaned imitators and rock wanna be’s.  But it aids your youth serum. Adding to the mixture of mayhem was Terry and Terry’s Diary on tap to get Jared Leto and yes, Chloe. I’m simply too tired to prop out these diaries when they insist on posting the same of the same of the same. Ollie and Ollie’s Purple Diary didn’t appear to be on tap; or perhaps his lens was broken. Or Paul was taking pictures.  Who knows? But there’s a lovely new snap of Ollie rocking it nude in the shower…again.  Same room. Same drill.  Same white jeans.

Kitty Bawler prefers Blue Ribbon Sushi over Omen.

(photo via Vogue and the lens of Rachel Chandler)