I’m certain this has been propped a fair amount (actually not as much as I’d like to see), but this is to call to attention the Pratt Institute Design Series for Barnes and Noble.  Super reasonable, great gifts and for thyself too (I picked up the pencil bag; reminds me of my old indestructible Visitation bag).

Designed by students for students, the collaboration began in 2007 with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students and this year, 2010, the bookseller invited Pratt Institute students to participate as well. Choice items are still available at Barnes and Noble.

On another (political note) you should purchase (not only if you have a membership) but because it’s supporting books.


Yes, Books.

Not your I-Pad.  Not your Kindle.

Stick with the books, kids.  And what the stores offer.

It’s good, great design and completely reasonable. Think Muji (and the price tag) with some humour and a bit of colour..