At The New York Times T Magazine (a silent tear falls) to run the Asked and Answered with Olivier Dahm.  It pains too.  The dude is so insanely misguided in his answers.  I almost punched myself from fatigue.  Maybe it’s the pills.  Who knows?  Read the article yourself (should you have the patience or a very tall glass of hard booze).

Kitty’s favorite Q/A portion plucked from the pages:

Why is sex such an integral part of Purple Magazine?
Sex is a part of every fashion magazine; I’m more direct about it because I embrace it without fear as part of my aesthetic. Being part of the creative world, sex is something that I have to consider, think about, read about and experience in a healthy and natural way, but what I see is the opposite. Sexual freedom is becoming dangerous and almost criminal. In America there are now sexual rehabs, and if you consider sex as an addiction in the same way as drugs or alcohol, you are categorizing it as a dangerous or uncontrollable impulse. As long as violence and abuse are not involved, sex is something completely natural, sophisticated and inspiring. The people who go to sex rehab are not making that decision alone. They are trapped in a system where they have to go to pretend to their family, to their boss or the media (like Tiger Woods), “I’m good now.” But you’re not “good” — you’re just a hypocrite and you want your money back, and you want your wife back, and you are stupid robot, and you play the game but you are not honest because you accept that society decides what’s good or not for you sexually.

Do you ever feel attacked or misunderstood for taking such a liberal stance on sexual freedom in your magazine?
Unfortunately most of the time people think that if you deal with sex you’re bad. I’m not afraid of that and I don’t think it’s bad. I think that we have to protect a certain freedom today especially if we are involved in creative activities. We create because we question the limit of what people think is good or bad. We don’t give a damn about the money we make but more about the intellectual influence we have. And if I thought I had a bad influence on people I would stop and I would become invisible.

KB: Invisible?  Really?  I mean, R E A L L Y?

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