The Wall Street Journal put together a great piece Diving Into Downtown Culture where a nice line up of artists will present various murals.

A welcome piece of history still making it in gentrified neighborhood, perhaps the last legitimate dive bar left on the East Side scene.

“You look at it now, and it’s just amazing that it’s even hanging on,” said David Allen, a downtown resident since the mid 80’s. Mr. Allen, an influential illustrator with several paradigmatic punk album covers to his credit, will participate in this month’s Mars Bar show. He noted that a tiny and scrappy corner bar dwarfed by luxury housing is itself a combination of poetic irony and economic reality. “It does, I suppose, speak to the kind of twilight period that the economy’s in right now,” he said.

“If you have this idea about moving to New York and hanging out in the East Village in the 70’s,” Mr. Spivak said, “that is sort of how you would picture it. Mars Bar is probably the last relic of that scene.”

As Avi Spivak says in his blog: “Come celebrate the Lower East Side as it once was…”