A subject I’ve always wanted to tackle but didn’t quite know where to start. Didn’t even know where to scratch the surface.  The super smart n+1 now takes over; The Contemporary Rise and Fall of the Hipster.  It seems quite New York specific, which is great. Some excerpts:

Preface All descriptions of hipsters are doomed to disappoint, because they will not be the hipsters you know. But to those of you who are reading this in 2050, I can only say: Everything in this book is true, and its impressions are perfect.

Williamsburg Year Zero I was a gentrifier in Williamsburg. Like the maligned hipsters, I used my parents’ savings to secure a place to live. I wanted grocery stores that carried organic products like Horizon milk for $6 per half-gallon, and overpriced but aesthetically satisfying coffee shops like El Beit. I needed expensive boutiques, otherwise I would have felt bad for having left Manhattan.

South Side Story At their most extreme, hipsters and Hasids present rival heresies, dueling rejections of bourgeois modernity. That each group selected Williamsburg as the terrain for carving out a secessionist utopia can only be blamed on the cunning of history, plus the L train.

Survey says: This looks to be good reading, friends.