Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York talks to The New Yorker’s Joe Dator about his killer cupcake. Pretty funny cartoon.  Par for the course in 2010 New York City (just drop down a few posts to check out the white facade of what used to be the Kitchen Club and is now the cupcake shop).

What do you have against cupcakes–aren’t they just little dollops of joy and love?

Cupcakes are just a symbol for the shiny Bloomberg-ized, Carrie Bradshaw-defined boutique city New York is turning into. I grew up during the 1970s, when the old New York–“King Kong’s New York” if you like–was still very much in evidence, and would be well into the 90s. Like you, I’ve watched, often in horror, and particularly over the last decade, as the city has been transformed into something nearly unrecognizable and sadly lacking in character.

I certainly have nothing against the cupcakes themselves. Shortly after I handed this cartoon in, I tried a Magnolia cupcake for the first time. It was good. I suppose I could have written “Twas Marc Jacobs killed the beast,” but cupcakes was funnier, and it won’t get me sued.