Dear Little NoLita Cupcake Boy and Girl:

Ah, you are in luck, now.  Even though, this place was here before you…promise.  You probably never had their nice bar steak and glass of red.  You walked by a million times thinking it was an old diner. No worries, it was just honest food but as you know “jardin” means garden in French, so little cupcake, there is some nice real estate waiting for someone.

These days, fifteen years is a New York lifetime….Le Jardin was there that long. Today, just now, Grubstreet reports it’s closed.  Great, with that nice backyard it’s only a matter of seconds before Paul Sevs or Serge or any of the Nolita cupcakes invade and snatch up the goods.

One day little boy, maybe even soon, like at your Delicatessen, you will be in this lovely retreat sipping your $15 mojitos laughing without a care in the world. You will be clueless to the fact Nolita wasn’t always about the Duane Reade, the Crepe joint next to Ceci Cela nor was it about the block of Kenmare (as you know it now).  You might forget when you now pick up your coffee was once a funeral home. You might forget Kitchen Club and the feisty dog Chibi anchored the corner of Prince and Mott for 25 years (that is older than you little boy). Now look at it; good paint job though; don’t you think?It’s not about the cupcakes (which 50’s style cupcakes, COME ON guys; this is New York, CREATE! Magnolia Bakery did that (yes think we me); years ago.

NOW WHAT!  WHAT NEXT? God Save the Queen!

Oh well, little boy, I must be going.  Eat your brunch at the sparkly new Jardin with Polaroids in the bathroom stalls, drink your pricey watered down drink and walk over to Rag and Bone and buy your $200 shirt; ask for the rice and beans special. Oh no, that’s right Cafe Colonial is gone now. Phew; I’m getting too old at thirty-two.