We all must take the time and look at these; sheer smartness.  Diagrams are the key to understanding life. And, we can thank the Wall Street Journal for their article Is L.L. Bean Driving The Runway? Go buy something. It’s pretty cheap.   For the first time since you were a kid?

From the WSJ:

After years where a sexual ambiguity ruled, today’s menswear designers are taking cues from yellow-paged copies of Field & Stream and L.L. Bean catalogs. Pioneering names like Barbour, Filson and Stetson are catchwords of the moment, while Gucci, Prada and Helmut Lang are sounding almost…passé.

So-called “new heritage” brands, created by youthful designers and inspired by iconic outdoor apparel companies, are opening their doors with Gold Rush speed. They specialize in handcrafted, American-made togs and, more often than not, sales associates with perfectly pruned 1850s-style facial hair.

More discussion tomorrow on what NY stores have picked this up; unless you want to start counting now.