Wow.  This makes me restore some faith in the old school;  The Underbelly Project kicked off in 2009, four stories (what is that about 30 feet?). Regardless; it’s some serious undergroundage. Subterranean elements; darkness, forgotten tunnels, walls upon walls of untouched canvas, elevators, shafts and New York’s finest rats. For 100 years, the space went “unfinished, unused and undiscovered.”  Now; it’s brought together 103 of the great graffiti minds in the Bloomberg society.  Amazing.

“Oh my god, we have to bury art here.”

The New York Times; in their Street Art Way Below the Street writes:

Collectors can’t buy the art. The public can’t see it. And the only people with a chance of stumbling across it are the urban explorers who prowl the city’s hidden infrastructure or employees of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

That’s because the exhibition has been mounted, illegally, in a long-abandoned subway station. The dank, cavernous hall feels a lot farther than it actually is from the bright white rooms of Chelsea’s gallery district. Which is more or less the point: This is an art exhibition that goes to extremes to avoid being part of the art world, and even the world in general.

Check the video here.