Dear New York, I am French.  I am a French photographer.  I try to bridge the gap of art and fashion. You understand that, yes?  Think of Eyes Wide Shut. The art; those women, the sacrifice. Women wrapped around women sick and sin. One in each other.

Don’t think I’m affected;  I wear my sunglasses and take pictures of many hot nude women. It’s my job.  I don’t want you to feel (in any way) I borrowed my friend Terry’s idea to start a diary based on my exotic life of travel, pristine sushi, high rent views, designer white jeans, high-class women and aviators.  I make a lot of money.  I really do.

I’m an artist and a photographer. This is my job. I’ll be fifty soon. Long live Helmut Newton.  Long live Terry Richardson.  Long Live Casanova. I think it’s important I get in touch with myself and the women I love.  I break things.  I ruin relationships. I’m self destructive to the sense I can pick myself up again and survive. I like the darkness. I love art; women are pieces of art.  Luckily, I never really leave the Standard because I support various parties upstairs with scantily clad lovelies.

Today, I wear a t-shirt and look out onto the vast skyline of New York.  My night will start in the same fashion, much like groundhog day, where I can putter around after a shower in the zero privacy room I have.  I’m a photographer; I’m a voyeur, yet, it’s important I too face the lens.  I try not to shoot in colour; I love the cold greys and shadows. I love the way it elongates me; torso and legs and genitals. Gold bengals, ornamentation, models dolled up and painted like flowers.  I will photograph them all.  I will make models famous.

Don’t be afraid of me.  I love you, New York.  You are my muse; forget my broken frames and wilted flowers.  Don’t pay attention to how long I’ve been gone from you during my travels around the world when I was trying to forget myself.

I’m back.  I’m here.  Come find me.

I’m a photographer.

(Photo: Purple Diary)

Kitty Bawler wants to know if Terry or Ollie though of the rabbi Hallow’s Eve disguise.  Meow.