“Even in the bedroom I have my camera, I sleep with my camera, I have lunch with my camera,” he said. “I go to dinner with my camera and I’m recording my experience.”

-Ollie Zahm, New York Times

Perhaps the best quote came from OZ (er; friend)…where the Times piece says: “Not all of Mr. Zahm’s supporters, however, are pleased with his latest tack. “I hope when people think about Olivier they consider the whole body of work,” said the veteran New York night-life impresario Paul Sevigny, Chloë’s brother, who maintains a pristine collection of the entire Purple library. He recalls that the magazine used to be filled with discovery — a glorious hodgepodge of fiction, poetry, art and photography by both established and emerging names. “Maybe he’s the man with some sort of master plan, and he’s smarter than the rest of us, but I hope people don’t judge him on his latest magazine.”

and further and further on in the piece OV ends with this:

“It made people realize that I was not just a pervert who wanted a new girl every night and was obsessed by his own celebrity and narcissism,” he said. “It made me realize that I can be more open with the Diary and more complex and really express myself. I’m not just the cliché.”

(image: Purple Diary)

Kitty: Do you know what narcissism means?  Perhaps not even in your infinite Frenchness you know.

Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN), a condition that affects individuals who encounter fame and celebrity.

Narcissism assumes the all good and the all bad.  Dr Robert Millman clarifies, “If the bond (mother-child) isn’t strong, the separation goes awry and one has real difficulty recognizing themselves as not all good and not all bad. The all-good mother or the all-bad mother. The all-good self or the all-bad self.  And malignant narcissists can love you and they can hate you.” Narcissistic criteria follows a pattern of profound self-involvement, yet the individuals considers themselves constantly to the exclusion of thinking of others. They are more concerned with how they appear than what they feel. Narcissists reside in a world where they are real and other people are puppets or actors on their stage.  They fail in their reality and ability to distinguish the actual from the fiction. Millman reveals that “acquired situational” does not mean that a one does not have some elements of early development aberrations.  Narcissists often hate their mothers. “They have decided based on that episode or that memory that she’s horrible or not appreciating how brilliant he is,” Millman explains.

Also, I hate to break it to you OV; but New York hasn’t ever been prude. The rest of America, perhaps. But New York fucking CITY. I mean, BRU.

Dear Terry; Ollie’s name should be on the e.vil list. I’m going to pen them a letter tonight.

Note to self: Terry LOVES his mother.  It’s all over his diary. And, that homeboy is F U N N Y!