Let’s be honest; Moss is probably not coming back.  Media Bistro said it first.  Now; let’s look at a few things, shall we.

Oddly enough there are falling babies, at the headlining page of the Moss website, a Chaquira sculpture ironically entitled “Good Luck Baby…”  Now then, perhaps I’m reading a bit too much into this and it’s a huge PR stunt so people get their panties in a bunch.  But it’s pretty doubtful at this point.

My theories.  One: Rent is a bitch. Two: Design stores in SoHo are a dime a dozen. Maybe Moss lost some of its specialness. Not so unique as it once was. Plus those items are pretty dang pricey. Three: The holidays are upon us and it’s a fairly odd time to be “temporarily closed.”  Shouldn’t they be stringing Christmas lights and getting their windows together.  I mean, it’s Moss. Look, if downtown Cipriani’s is rumoured to have to sell of their Peter Beard art collection and then, viola! they install a large chrome horse; well friends, lets call a spade a spade, shall we?

This only gets a bit more suspect after my dear friend (who shall remain nameless in this internet era) who has a wedding registry with a few thousand still ready to roll.  She emailed some Jimmy about her scene.

A Facebook post of an employee reads:

Um, do you need anymore proof?

Yep, Murray.  My friend is none to happy with you.  Her Thanksgiving dinner table is not complete now; at LEAST cut her the check for the two g’s you owe her.  An unfinished table with Moss accoutrements, well, it’s pretty lame.

If you don’t believe me on Moss; go with one of the three:

Every goodbye ain’t gone – Carl Rowan
The Truth Is Out There- Fox Mulder


Gone baby, Gone- Kate Donnelly.