Friends: If you have NOT picked up your copy of the Selby; now is your chance. It’s a great book filled with quirky folks and pretentious, unreachable people with high chins and little in their cubburds save the booze and whatever is hiding out.

As you know there is always a handwritten Q/A after a highly stylized photo shoot.  It’s a brilliant idea and commercial at that.  Ollie shares his intense passion for cologne (heavy on the Lang), his scooter as well as his boots; so he doesn’t Tom Cruise the ladies.

However, I have done some research vis a via Ollie and as you know the book has been out a while (you can pick up your copy at Anthropologie); still a comfort to know Ollie took the time to answer a few questions about his love for Chloë Stevens Sevigny. And “the brother…” what a sweet shout to the Paul.

It’s safe to say, Kitty Bawler is taller than Ollie and has a great looking leather jacket too.