What are you doing this weekend?
Not a bad time to hit the Film Forum.

In her review, Manohla Dargis writes:  “Every Man for Himself” is more approachable than much of Mr. Godard’s recent work, with its dense layers of sound and image, epigrams and allusions. Organized into sections, “Every Man” includes one segment titled “The Imaginary” which largely involves Denise (Ms. Baye), a young woman who labors in television but has moved to the countryside to work on a new project, perhaps a novel. In doing so, she has pulled away from her lover, the pointedly named Paul Godard (Mr. Dutronc), a filmmaker at the center of the subsequent section, “Fear.” The next, “Commerce,” in turn follows a prostitute, Isabelle (Ms. Huppert). The women meet when Isabelle responds to an ad that Denise has placed to rent her and Paul’s apartment.